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Fertility Health Diet

Posted by : Heenakhan on | Nov 29,2018

Fertility Health & Diet

Nutrition has great impact on our health, in similar way nutrition does affect male fertility factors, female fertility factors & it also affects pregnancy outcome.

What diet should be followed for healthy sperms & oocytes (eggs) is a question,

Taking plenty of fruits & vegetables is usually advised as it replenishes you with variety of vitamins, minerals & boosts your immunity

Try including whole grains like wheat, brown rice, millets (Bajra, Jawar, Ragi) and oats in your diet, it gives you variety in your recipes and adds fibres to your diet, easily you can say no to refined floor.

Also add pulses like kidney beans, peas, chick peas, lentils and legumes. Sprouts are full of essential nutrients & fibres, so adding sprouts to your diet make your dish enriched with vitamins.

Avoid trans-fats but moderate amount of dairy & milk products is advised. Egg white is good & be happy to include in your meals.

Having oily fish helps & lean meat is ok but avoid red meat. It’s very important to add good quality proteins so egg whites, fish are a good choice. For vegetarian’s nuts, beans, pulses, milk & milk products act as protein sources.

Say no to processed food & big No to sugary food as well!

Few Vitamins needed pre pregnancy are,

Folic Acid supplements pre-pregnancy are important as Folic acid plays a major role in development of Baby’s brain and spinal cord. Deficiency of Folic Acid leads to Neural Tube Defects. Baby’s brain starts developing before the woman realizes that she is pregnant. So make sure you have started it.

Vitamin D – The basic research showed that vitamin D plays a role in biological processes in sperms and ovary cells and may affect levels of sex hormones. Increasing vitamin D through diet or spending time in the sun would help. TAKE ADVICE FROM YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING VITAMIN D TABLETS as it may do HARM by causing HYPERVITAMINOSIS.


Vitamin C – Few studies have shown that vitamin C supplements could be helpful for female infertility

Vitamin E- supplements of vitamin E showed improvements in sperm parameters.

Make sure you are not deficient in any of the micronutrients as traces of Zinc, Copper, selenium, Iron, Vitamin B6 & DHA are also important & have positive impact on fertility.

Obesity can cause infertility in males as well as females, so adopting healthy diet & doing exercises regularly is important.

Women with polycystic Ovarian Disease also require special diet as women with PCOS have insulin resistance.